Sister Vail's first letter

Aloha family!
  Though its been three days, I feel as if I have been at the MTC for an eternity.  In a good way.  Its like a massive summer camp.  There is so much to learn!  we wake up at 6 and go all day until 10:30.    
 Everyday I am exhausted but I feel that I am learning so much.  Japanses is amazing and the people here are good.
My favorite part so far has been playing volleyball with my new Japanese friends at gym time.  Oh they are so  wonderful.  So cute and just so accepting!  Ive never felt like a star athlete until now.  They crack me up.  One Elder, he is Japanese, he is going to the Tokyo Mission as well, he bumped the ball out of bounds yesterday and then fell to his knees about it, and bowed his head down a few times saying "maxu Im sorrie!" to our team (like Im sorry to the max).  So hilarious and so sweet.    I love my district too.  There is ten of us all learning Japanese together. Were from Brazil, Canada, Australia and the U.S.  The Brazilians crack me up also.  One elder is always sleeping it seems. My companion is great. Shes the Austrailian, her name is sister Rogers or Shimi Rogers.  I am so greatful for her.  She is so bright and brave and humble. She knows so much Japanese too so its really helpful fo practice with her.  I loved what she said on the first day.  We were in a big class and someone was role playing as someone who was learning about the church, and he asked "who is Jesus Christ to you?" and she said this simple yet powerful answer, "Jesus Christ is the only person who knows exactly what your going through".  I felt her testimony so strong.  We are constantly rushing around together from building to building and the words "hiyaku!" and "osoy!" are echoing in my ears.  "hurry up" and "slow!"  I am trying hard though to remember always that this is Heavenly Father's time. 
The Japanese people are so great and being amongst them fills me with excitment to get to Japan.  My leaders and teachers all place such confidence in us and I feel their faith and trust. Its funny your never realize your having a hard time, like you never realize how cold your hands are until someones warm hand reaches for yours and your shocked by the contrast.  Well yesterday during class our Japanese teacher called us out one by one to talk to us to see how we were doing.  I was first.  The first thing he told me was "I can just tell you are so happy to be here." And in so many ways I am, I feel like it is a dream come true to be here, I definltyhave so much to learn but there are so many good people that are here to help me.  Yesterday my teacher asked "how are you doing with everything?"  And I told him that I felt like Im trying hard, but everyone seems so good, like my companion took four uears of Japanese in college and I felt so behind.  Yesterday we had to teach our first half hour lesson about baptism IN JAPANESE.  It was wild.  There was so much I wanted to tell Yoshi san, but didnt know the words.  I wanted to connect with him and ask him so many questions that weren't in any of our manuals.  This was really good for me though, I think feelings of being frusterated can be a good motivaor for learning what I need to know next time.  Anyway I told my teacher all of this and he just has so much confidence and faith in me, I feel he was the messenger I needed.   I feel the same faith comming form Heavenly Father and from you my family. So thank you!
  I sat with two boys from South African and Kenya for lunch yesterday.  My companion likes to sit with our district, but whenever I get the chance I feel like a magnet to the people from other countires.  The two elders will be serving in Birmingham, Alabama.  All the time I can help someone I feel the most happy! 
I read this before bed last night, love it.
D&C 100:20 Continue your journey and let your hearts rejoyce.  For behold I am with you, even unto the end.
I LOVE YOU!  So glad to be here : )

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thx for posting! marni is such an inspiration! ill be thinking abt her lots n hopefully write her soon ;)