the truth

Sometimes it feels so good to be completely covered in a moment. Wrapped up like a tiny baby, lost to someone or something.

The magic of the present is that it annihilates us and at the same time sets us free 

things that have this power...

music, laughter, children, water, riding bikes, beautiful things, sunsets, being in love...

Goodnight Freddy by The Sounds on Grooveshark

Driving home tonight I felt completely covered in this song.  Like it was seeping into my eyelids, into my ears, through my pores, pushing my blood around, even telling my heart to beat.  But not just that. 
It needed me. 
To listen to it and appreciate it. To make it come alive. I love that feeling.

Everyone needs to feel that they belong to something.

Lately I have been feeling so bland like white bread.  Craving the excitement that comes from doing something new. A great adventure, a new friend, seeing a new part of the world. Anything really.

But am I missing the whole point? 

What am I supposed to be learning during the day to day? When I don't feel apart of anything, let alone the song that's playing in the background?

Patience? Independence? Or maybe just to relate to someone else.

Not to be too mushy or anything, but if ever you feel you don't have a home, maybe you could be one to someone else for awhile.  And the moments that you do feel like this, like you belong to something- savor that because it's the truth, you really do.

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escalatorsescalarscalawags said...

everything will make sense to you when you have a baby Marni Vail. All the truth that floated around in your big beautiful head n maybe wisked by like da wind will come spiraling down into your lil package n you'll feel 1000 times wiser n directed! Anticipate it now, your future family is a REALITY. I love you!