darling neighboors

Yalah! They yelled as I peered between the cold white gate. It was already dark, when our friendship began, so I couldnt come out to the street. I had chicken and fish wrapped up in a paper napkin for the litter of kittys I had come outside seeking. Yet how wonderful it is when things dont go as planned, the unexpected is always so much better. Some of my first friends here were Yusef, Hassan, and Abdallah. They are all compltely darling. The first night we hung out they had to stay on one side of the fence, and we talked through the bars. We played volleyball, and each time I would hit the ball, my terrible aim would have them scrambeling out to the street.

The first thing that both sides of the fence agreed to is that we all loved cats. The language barrier can be annoying at times, as you cannot get to know many details from words. But each detail is like carefully unwrapping another delcisious piece of chocolate. And since then I have loved unwrapping and discovering so much more!
Definitly my favorite part of the Holy land is the people. They are so warm and inviting, and full of love. When I first told the kids across the street I liked to draw and paint, one of them ran immediatly into the house and came out with a big sketch pad and another one brought this chair ourside and exclaimed "welcome to the chair!" Thats one of the things that can bridge any language barrier-their inviting attitudes and pure love!

This little boy Saef will always want to curl up on your lap. He doesnt say much but looks at you with these big brown eyes and you are in love with him.
Aseal and Nagam are wonderful artists! There is so much to learn everyday- new names, and new words. So something thats been very helpful is to carry a little pocketbook around to jot things down in. These sweet little girls are always filling the pages with little pictures to help me remember all the new vocab.

Even though Aseal is only 6 she still has the spirit of giving like many people here. You kind of have to be careful, if you comment on something you like, they sometimes take if off and give it too you. Kelsey accidentally inherited these Hello Kitty hair clips from Aseal. Very darling!
One night we babysat four kids for a little bit while it was one of their fathers birthdays. It reminded me so much of home. I must give off the vibe to all kids to be buck wild when their parents leave or its universal that kids must get out of control the minute their parents walk out the door. I was fine but my friend Aaron came home battered and bruised.
Abdallah recently broke his hand during football, but we taught him how to play Spoons the other night! Thanks for the idea Monique! They loved it! His sister is this cute little girl Zenab, she always tries to speak to me in Arabic, and when I dont understand she just speaks louder. I love her so much! She always kisses her hand and then makes it burst in my direction, perhaps like the Italians might do when something is delicious.

The neighborhood boys love to play "football" and we all love them so much. Kathleen said that she thinks that everyone who lives here were "choice" spirits, chosen specialy to live here, and I have to agree! They will all say that they love their country and "Welcome anytime" "Feel at home" and I do!

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