Somewhere down this valley is the famous Road to Jericho that the savior refered to when teaching the parable about the Good Samaratin. One thing that some people dont know is that it was very dangerous for anyone to stop on this road because bad guys would be hiding in the bushes to hurt you and steal from you if you stopped. I feel like there are lots of Good Samaratins here! So many strangers are so kind to us and people always respond when I say thanks, "its no problem!" Thank goodness for all the Good Samaratins in the world!

I love the name Jericho so naturally I loved going there. I have always wanted to name my son that someday. Jericho is one of the lowest places on Earth and its also the oldest! I love in the scriptures where it talks about Christ comming from the lowest parts of the Earth, and then making his way up. That is the nature of our lives sometimes, I try to remember what Joseph Smith said whenever Im sad, that we are brought low only so the Lord can bring us high.

One thing I love ofcourse is the food here. Not just because its delicious but because its all the same food they ate in the scriptures! These are dates! Although I prefer them when they are shriveled like unto a raisin.

Jericho it known for its delish fruit. I bought an avacado and a mango from this market. It took me the longest time to get around to eating it. Since being here and eating in the cafeteria everyday I have become lazy in the cooking realm of things. Peeling the avacado seemed like an arduous task.
The beautiful view!

We walked up to this lovely little Greek Orthodox Monastery, the Monastery of Temptation. Its supposedly where Christ was tempted by Satan when he was fasting for 40 days. Its in the West Bank and overlooks the whole city of Jericho. Thou this place is below sea level, I was a little uneasy about being up so high on this cliff. Note the two handed grip on the rails.

Though Christ is the Prince of Peace, I always assumed the the peace sign didnt emerge until the 60ies or 70ies. As you can see here, I thought wrong.

People stuff prayers in the cracks here just like the Western Wall! Everyday I learn more and more how similarities people are despite their religions, it is a beautiful sight!

Just call me the master of Cheezy photos. Forgive me!

We met these darling donkeys there. They had lots of flies on them but they were very sweet and gentle. Definity a humble animal :)

Another darling resident of the land.

The montestary was one of the few places we have to cover our heads. I think to show respect to the monks that live there. They give up money, power and lives with families. Kind of sad, but living a life of denial I guess is their whole point? Still seems sad to me. But anyway I had a lovely day in Jericho!


NW. said...

that first picture doesn't even look real!

NW. said...

oh, by the way, I think your sister lives right behind us somewhere here in TVA cause I see your little nephew and her in the park a lot! ... you both look alike!
hope your well

Vadamn! said...

That pic of you in the magic skirt holding your scriptures next to the donkey is the most beautiful of my life.