21 candles and a christmas break

Strange things begin to happen as you get older. Cry when your supposed to laugh, laugh when you should be crying. This Christmas break the IRS was after me and I was spouting off tears of laughter. Our wiring seems to get all mixed up, either that our our sense of humor increases.

Its comforting to me to know that wherever you are in the world, you can always count on your family. There was a hot item during the Christmas Season- Baby Sol, I couldn't get enough. Especially since the last time I saw him he was the size of a crumb. Now hes a REAL boy!

I left the Lakes of a flooded Laie to come to the this winter wonderland- good old Washington. Weather was bizarre but I loved it! The mayor told everyone not to leave their houses unless absolutely necessary. It was weird being on lock down during Christmas but it forced us all to always be at home in our PJs.
I never knew what love at first sight meant until Baby Sol was born. I know it sounds cheezy. But I cant put it any other way.

My grandmama is the most gentlest human Ive ever met. Like a butterfly. I want to be like her when I grow up. She doesnt even smell like other grandmas, she smells like wild flowers and warm fuzzy blankets. I love her so much! I loved comming home to see her and my granpa (grandpa was playing ping pong when this pic was taken)

The Flake Wedding was the event of the season. A few of us made it out toIdaho to see it all happen. Idaho was so beautiful to me. I remember a year ago, when Meagan first started dating Jordan I thought they were perfect for eachother because they were both tall, skinny, and had moles. But now I know a few more reasons they are wonderful together. I love you both!:)

This was the first wedding where one of my best friends was the chosen one. It was even more awesome to be a part of it though! I love Meagan so much, shes been like a sister to me. We have nothing and everything in common at the same time. The wonderful thing about friends is how much we can learn from eachother. We both like colorful fabrics, ice cream, and the format. Even though I always joke that megan is my worst critic -She has been one of my greatest teachers and examples and I am so greatful for our wonderful friendship!

Good old Boise Temple, though it was beautiful, it was very chilly! I had to thaw for the next few hours after this photo shoot.

Blue bridesmaids!!

This was such a wonderful day for so many reasons. There we were anticipating Meagan to come out of the temple and than I saw my long lost friend- Clark Tanner not missing a beat, who flew in at the last second! Also sweetness runs in Meagan's family. Her grandma was also so adorable and one of my favorite people at the wedding.The Flakes Debut!I was loving the wedding. I felt so honored when the bride and grom sat at our kids table.
The beautiful sisters of Meggie
And Jordan!

I was also reunited with one of my favorite roomates, Julie Wargo/Williams now. What a tangled web! Julie married Meagan's brother Dustin last year, which means I love this family even more!

I was loving Meagans entire Fam. I think thats how you know your good friends. When you love their families like they were your own.

Who I really could not keep my hands off, was this adorable young pup. Meagan's- LUCY LU!
I couldnt put her down all night!

I was accidentally was caught red handed decorating the love bug. Long story short- Meagan and Jordan lived happily ever after in TVA!

It felt good though to come back home to my family for Christmas. Here we are saying "Compai!!" =Cheers in Japonese to the birth of Christ.

I love my mommy so much. I was so sad to leave her after break. I have an angel mommy. There is so much warmpth in my home its like trying to get out from under the covers in the morning, nearly impossible.

My dad too is so kind sometimes I want to cry just thinking about him. I loved being home with my family. Its my favorite place in the whole world.

Over break I tried to learn a new life skill. Playing violin. Its actually my moms dream to one day play the violin so we both tried to figure it out.

The strangest part of the whole break was leaving my best friend Mia. She was baptized three years ago now, and has loved the missionaries and has such a great love for the gospel. She is the reason I want to serve a mission, as I have seen through her example how the gospel can transform someones life.

What I love so much about Mia is her capacity to love. You meet her and she instantly makes you feel comfortable, and loved, as if you had always been friends.

This year I turned 21 and I was thinking, why do I feel so funny? and I finally figured it out. I haven't celebrated a birthday without Mia since I was 9 years old. She went into the MTC the day before my Birthday. She has been such a companion to me and I know though that she will be such an awesome companion to someone else for a little while. She was called to serve as a missionary in Columbus Ohio! I am so proud of her! : )

We threw Mia a farewell surprise party with our families. Mia was hardly surprised. She overheard her mom say loudly, "IM GOING TO MIAS, surprise party", and the dead give away was the irradic phone calls between me and her sister Muriel, followed by shuffling into the other room a few days prior to the party. Oh well! We played this game that I learned at Meagan's bridal shower, where we had to draw a bride on top of our heads, Except I changed it to draw a missionary. And then at the end everyone looks at their picture and you get points for things like- does the missionary have a backpack? a companion? A book of Mormon, does their feet touch the ground? etc. I thought it was funny.

Heres our last picture for a litte while.. roughly 2 years. Luckily at 6 am we both weren't very coherent so saying goodbye to didnt really hit me till I was flying over the pacific ocean. She is going to be the most incredible missionary!

Its such a comfort to know thatt saying goodbye, is really Hello to something new. A wonderful thing about Hawaii this semester is Baby Sol and Momi and Seth live down the street again. And Im in love with them.

21 feels great so far. I felt terrified to turn 20 last year. But this year I tried to welcome it with open arms. Change is letting someone pump you on the front of their bike. As the passenger Ive made the mistake many times of trying to over correct, trying to help the peddler steer. Really all this does is makes it more difficult. We just need to let go and its always makes the ride so much easier, just put your life in Heavenly Father's hands and he will create with it something far more beautiful then you could have ever planned for yourself.

Another comforting thing about getting older is that, when we scoot down the bench of life, we make room for new players- such as my beautiful sol : )
Trying to force him to do the SHAKA. he would not have any part in it.
ahh to be young again. Life is so precious! Fight to keep everything wonderful in your pocket...Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket.. never let it fade away....


Meagan said...

Marni Lynn ... I was so glad that you were able to share our wedding with us. It was so awesome to have you there. You are such a great friend! ... I love you.

& I do not see you enough. You need to come over to our house.

Matt said...

your break looked fun and i'm so happy you've shared it and other recent tidbits with us. marni you're going to have a great 21st year, i adore you and always will.