Back to the land of milk and honey <3

I love Hawaii! After a summer of leisure,Teddy and I could not wait to get back to the beautiful island that we are so blessed to call home. Ive heard it said, "Whatever we love becomes a part of us."

Hawaii I feel is such a part of me now and each time I leave I feel like a piece of me is left here in the middle of the ocean. How wonderful it is to dive back into familiar waters! To see old friends and to make new!

Look at this cute little friend that landed on me while I was doing some school work.

I am the worlds biggest procrastinator! An hour before my plane took off I finished the painting of James that I started in Hawaii for his family. It was a little selfish in some ways as it took so long to finish, not particularly because I couldn't get him just right but rather because I just didn't wanted to leave him.
The night I found out James was no longer with us I didnt know what to do or think. I just felt so empty inside. People deal with things in all sorts of ways. Baking a cake didn't seem to make sense, but nothing else made sense either so thats what I did. I remember my face feeling all sticky with sugar and tears but most of all I felt so helpless.

That night after James left my friend Al came over. He had a piece of cake with me and said "you look remarkably beautiful and I think James would want you to know that." What I loved most about James was how brutal honest he was. He was never afraid to tell you exactly what he was thinking. Al shared so many wonderful things about James with me that night eating cake in my kitchen. One was he said James loved how I loved to paint so I started one of him and I think this was James's way of helping heal my heart.

My friend Nathan told me that art is our way of making sense of the world. I thought Ive always understood this as I always feel so at peace when painting. But this summer I really felt like the few times that this crazy world made sense were the few hours spent with brush in hand. Sometimes when no understanding can be found on our side of the canvas, we can create a world of our own entirely.

How I love to paint and how I love James. Looking into James's kind eyes over the summer made me feel the greatest peace about knowing his spirit is still so strong all around us.

I love you James and am so greatful to still be close to your beautiful soul.

For the new school year 2008 my friend Clark and I got makeovers. I attempted to give him a bowl cut and he gave me a deep conditioning mask made of MAYO! A little cholesterol does wonders apparently outside of the body.

I am loving school! The first week my contacts accidently washed away at Waimea so I wore glasses for awhile till the contacts shipped in, I felt so smart! People even started commenting on how smart I was. Totally the glasses.

I love my roommates. Meagan and I celebrate our 2 year roomie anniversary in December. I am sad to say its also the last : ( she came back to Hawaii with a ring on her finger. I am so happy for her but we will have to make this semeseter an unforgettable one.
This semester my friend Natassia asked me to be the vice president of Brazilian club. I know nothing about this sort of thing, but I will learn!

Two things I missed the most about the beatuiful laie are biking and the blue blue ocean!!!
I even missed riding up thehill to my house on the point!
My friend Tiera was baptized this week! She is so awesome! She is my next door neighboor. She looked so beautiful and is loved by so many!
My friend Clarand I k adopted a kite named Cheeralee. she truly is cheerful. Who could not be cheery while flying a kite?!

I am loving being back in the land of Milk and honey. Life is wonderful!


Brooke Self said...

I'm buck wild? ur buck wild! love this post... Hawaii is beautiful and I think it totally suits u =) I can't wait till i return to those waters.

little miss erika said...

yay! i found your blog and i am so happy when i see your lovely face around campus!!!

you are such a doll!

briana dale said...

the pic w/the kite,where is that shirt at?!?i wanna wanna wanna wannit.wow.

Cody said...

How in the world are you staying on that bike?! And what's his name? Clark-- ya he looks just like Nathan. Crazy.

nwilliams said...

You have a blog - and it's awesome!
cool pictures.

Jade said...

Once again I have been drawn in and captivated by your beautiful writing. Now, I have even more reason to keep coming back to your blog, thank you for the pictures of my family! I miss them so much. Will you give both a big hug for me?
You look great and you are going to be one rocking missionary!